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Are You Searching for a Paint and Sip Near Me in Brisbane?

Are you looking for a paint and sip near me? If you are looking for a paint and sip near Brisbane, then look no further.
Our paint and sip in Brisbane combine the best of experiencing scenic views of Brisbane with the creativity of painting your very own artwork. On one of our tours, you will not only see all the highlights and natural beauty of Brisbane, but get to work with a renowned local artist. We will guide you every step of the way when you create your first painting with us.
Our tours stop off at some of the most beautiful areas in Brisbane. You will get the one in a lifetime chance to paint these sceneries and work with an experienced artist. No previous experience is required. We walk you through each painting step by step. Even if you’ve never touched paints and a brush before, you can have an amazing time on one of our tours and head home with some original artwork.
On each of our tours you will get the chance to discuss every aspect of creating unique images with our artist. Everything from framing fantastic photographs to posing for your own pictures or paintings will be covered. You are always free to ask us about anything artistic on our journey together.
The best part is, you get to keep your paintings afterwards! Everything you create on one of our trips is yours to cherish forever.
If you’re looking for a paint and sip near me in Brisbane that can not only show you the sights, but teach you how to create beautiful art inspired by them, get in touch with us today to schedule your very own art tour. 

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Launched in 2020, To Do Brisbane is your one stop shop for getting out of the house, and experiencing what fun things Brisbane has to offer. We offer a range of experiences, from exercise and paint classes to pub crawls and fancy dress parties. Our events are a great way to meet people and make new friends too. Each event we run has a designated host to make you feel welcome, make introductions and troubleshoot any issues you may have.

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