Cocktail tasting

Gin theme $28

Learn about three gin themed cocktails:

Espresso Martini | Gin Basil Smash | Floradora




Proud Henry Ginoteca 153 Wickham St


Thursday Feb 11th 7:00pm

*Gin version!

We're excited to bring you this rare event - cocktail tasting! Broaden your horizons and experience some lesser known cocktails, as well as a twist on a popular classic. Learn from expert cocktail maker Matt Alvites about the origins, recipe and special secrets of cocktails Espresso Martini, Gin Basil Smash and Floradora. And of course you'll get to sample each with a generous half-cocktail size portion. 

+Espresso Martini whilst normally vodka based, also pairs brilliantly with your favourite juniper spirit.

+Gin Basil Smash is quite a new cocktail, remodelled in 2008. If you like gin and Mojitos this could become your new favourite.

+Floradora is a classic cocktail, refreshing and ideal for warm weather - summer in Queensland!

gin basil smash.jpg