52 Petrie Terrace

2 for 1 burgers | 50c wings
Download the Fritzenberger app (free) to access such deals as $10 bugers Mondays, 2 for 1 burgers on Tuesdays and 50c wings on Wednesdays. Find the app and more here:

Communal Bar

266 George St

$10 steaks
Conveniently placed near Queen st opposite the casino, Communal Bar and Eat House has an amazing deal for you Sundays and Mondays -
$10 steaks! Served with chips salad and gravy.

Burrito Bar

5/167 Grey St

25c wings with drink purchase
Burrito Bar Southbank is selling 25c wings on Wednesdays, provided you make a drink purchase. You won't need to eat many wings to make this deal worth your while!